Hello Voltron Fans Old and New My name is Galra Keith Welcome to Voltron Forever Fan Site.

This fan site will have Bios, Fan stuffs, Links, Message Board and much more!

There isn't very much of Voltron Fan sites anymore most of them are gone forever and there are some still around but most of them haven't been updated in a very long time

Voltron Forever will be here for many years to come. Hope for Voltron Fan base will grow more!

~Galra Keith~

Website Updates

August 20th, 2020 Guestbook have been added to the site

August 11th, 2020 Some Announcements  

Voltron Forever Is leaving Facebook on September 1st, 2020 The reason on Leaving Facebook because there are a lot of reasons I'll name some  They Destroyed Fan Sites , Destroyed GeoCities / Many Others , Destroyed Message Boards , there's a lot of sick stuffs on Facebook. 


The Message Board

Message Board is there with some members that Joined last Month but they haven't posted anything. I'm not closing the Message Board but I do want peoples to post , when you join you don't need to put your name in just make up a username. 


is still new Joined last Summer still not a lot of peoples known bout MeWe Its an anti Facebook site

The Web Site 

I'm thinking about just turning this site only a Voltron Legendary Defender + A Sequel for the show if there ever be one , More Art Works , Yes there's going to be more Bio's They are still being made. Going to be adding a Guestbook to this site sometime soon to see if anyone really looking at the website.

July 26th, 2020  The Fan Art Gallery Is Now online 

July 1st, 2020  Message Board has been updated with a New Banner with some New members, So Please come and join the message board to keep Voltron Alive.  Don't forget to post when you join!

More Bio's are still coming just hang on !

May 10th, 2020 More websites are added to the Link page

May 2nd, 2020 The Grand Opening for Voltron Forever website.

The Voltron Legendary Defender Bio page is now online I got  Krolia and Texas Bios are online come and check out their pages.

Keith's Bio will be online soon. More Bios are coming Stay Tuned!

Link Page are ready go check it out.

The Message Board always been online please feel free to join than more members join more Voltron Fan base will grow!

Voltron News